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Regional FJR Gatherings for 2007
FJR National Gathering in Golden, CO  |  EOM in Lewisburg, West Virginia
SW-FOG in Taos, New Mexico  |  CFR in Ontario, Canada

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Credit:  A significant amount of maintenance content was generously provide by our sister organization, FJR1300.info, with permission from the owner, H. Marc Lewis. While FJRTech.com concentrates primarily within the technical/maintenance arena, FJR1300.info contains everything under the sun when it comes to the FJR1300. There is no better all-encompassing web site for general information about the FJR than FJR1300.info, and we are grateful to H. Marc Lewis for allowing us to re-publish some of his content here.

Otherwise, where credit for the information is known, it is stated. Hey, we're not trying to rip off anyone or engage in copyright infringement. The information is offered here solely for the FJR1300 owner (or perspective owner) who wants to learn as much as possible about this motorcycle in order to maximize the riding experience.


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