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Power Commander IIIusb installation photographs
System Category: Fuel-Exhaust
Activity Type: Accessory
FJR Model Year: 2003  2004  2004 ABS  All model years
Date Submitted:Sep, 2003

Warchild's Quick-n-Dirty PC IIIusb Install Page

-= Installing the Power Commander IIIusb =-
1) Remove six 10mm bolts (shown here by green dots. Red arrows point to two of these six bolts. Lift rear of tank up to feed PCIII connector ends and wire harness under rear fuel tank crossmenber as directed by DynoJet-provided instructions:

2) Several things going on in this photo below:
  • In order to obtain slack to disconnect connectors, here I just finished cutting the factory-installed black zip-tie (pointed to by red/yellow arrow) that was retaining Connector 'A', one of two connectors you will un-make to plug into the PCIII connector ends.
  • The *second* connector, (Connector 'B') is pointed to by all-yellow arrow BUT IS HIDDEN *UNDERNEATH* connector 'A', and can't be seen in this photo. Note connector 'A' is all-white; you will find connector 'B' is all black.
  • With the zip-tie cut, you have enough slack in the wire harness to disconnect both connectors, and plug them into the PCIII connectors as directed by DynoJet-provided instructions. There is only ONE way in which the connectors can fit each other, which conveniently prevents a "murphy" install:

3) Zip-tie wire harness back to fuel rail after making all connections (denoted by yellow arrow, where I am about to snip off the excess). Here you can see the PCIII connector ends pluged into their respective Yamaha connectors. In this photo below, connector 'A' is the all-black connector that you could not see in above photo:

4) The last critical item is to attach the ground wire directly to the battery negative terminal (avoid using any old grounding point; connect directly to the battery itself as instructed by DynoJet). DynoJet provides plenty of slack in the wire harness to route it cleaning through steering neck. (note ring terminal emerging from steering neck opening):

5) In the photo below, points 'a' and 'b' are where I affixed small zip-ties (not seen in this photo) so ground wire stays toward rear of the cowling area to avoid being pinched by forks in a full right-lock turn. Point 'c' shows ring terminal properly connected to the negative battery post:

6) PC-IIIusb fully installed. Note how wire harness makes gentle turns before running under fuel tank crossmember.

7) While the tank it still propped up, don't forget to disconnect the O2 sensor as directed by DynoJet.


- Warchild


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