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Hand Guards for the FJR1300
System Category: Controls
Activity Type: Accessory
FJR Model Year: 2003  2004  2004 ABS  All model years
Date Submitted:Nov, 2003, UPDATED: Feb, 2005

Hand Guards for the FJR1300!

Win the Cold Hands War - courtesy of the Suzuki V-Strom
While some don't like the appearance of hand guards on a modern, high-performance Super Sports-Touring machine like the FJR, the fact of the matter is, blocking off the windblast from hitting your exposed fingers goes a long, long LONG way toward allowing the winter rider to continue riding in extreme cold with relative comfort. The photo below shows the Hand Guard from the 2003 Suzuki DL-1000 V-Strom:
UPDATED, FEBRUARY, 2005: Below is the new Hand Guards from the 2004 V-Strom. They are almost a direct bolt-on for the FJR, with some slight modifications. These new and improve V-Strom Hand Guards are the "wrap-around" style, and provide significantly more protection from the air stream then the first-generation V-Strom Hand Guards shown above.
The end pieces simple "clip" onto the handlebar end weight, though you need to increase the size of the clip "opening" slightly using a dremal as shown:
While the throttle-side Hand Guard mounted up with little effort, I found I needed to dremel on the clutch-side Hand Guard a bit more so it would clear the clutch lever pivot action. Also, in my case, I needed to remove a pinch of material off the upper portion of the clutch-side Hand Guard to avoind striking the CUNT Box that houses the Widder Controller and PHID toggle switch:
Clutch-side Hand Guard installed. These may appear to be some herkin' big-ass Hand Guards, but the all-black ABS plastic help in minimizing obtrusiveness once installed on the bike. The weather protection in the cold and rain makes them a highly desired farkle:

A quick 450-mile ride across the Cascade Mountains with temps as low as 28-degrees proved that these Hand Guards made a HUGE difference in battling the cold over long distances. Instead of icy-cold fingers after 200-300 miles, the worse it got was my fingers felt only somewhat "cool", but never cold. At no time was I wishing for heated grips or gloves. This is noteworthy, as the FJR's modest alternator output is already straining to light up 55-watt PIAA 910s in addition to a single Widder vest. Whenever there is an opportunity to save power consumption on the FJR, it should be taken. These Hand Guards are ideal in that they help keep your hands warm yet consume 0.0 watts of power while doing so.

Parts used:

  • 2004 Suzuki DL-1000 V-Strom "Knuckle Guards":
    • Part Number: 57541-06G10-291 Description: COVER,KNUCKLE,L
    • Part Number: 57341-27G00-291 Description: COVER,KNUCKLE,R

    Retail price as of Feb, 2005: $17.43 each

    FJR pilot Rick Martin provided these Suzuki oem part numbers for the fastening hareware that is *exactly* what is needed to affix these Hand Guards to the FJR1300 (these parts are in addition to the V-Strom Hand Guard part numbers listed above):

    Quantity Suzuki P/NNomenclature
    257431-06G00Bolt, Lever


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