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Fastener-free Fenda Extenda Install
System Category: Chassis
Activity Type: Accessory
FJR Model Year: 2003  2004  2004 ABS  All model years
Date Submitted:December, 2003

Fastener-free Fenda Extenda Install

As of December 2003, the Pyramid Plastics Fenda Extenda for the FJR is now widely available. I got mine from Howard Roth from Dandy Industries, Inc. dandyindustries.biz for only $29. Howard is a great guy, he sent me my Fenda Extenda as soon as I called in the order, and before I even paid for it!! Talk about customer service!

The Extenda does an excellent job of reducing the amount of road splooge one commonly sees on the cowling chin/radiator area of the bike (as well as reducing the likelyhood of impact damage to radiator fins.) The Extenda comes with four small self-tapping screws to affix the Extenda to the existing fender.

However, as seen below when I placed the Extenda in its final position to check fitment, it is obvious that the Extenda would have a "cleaner" fit if one could avoid the use of unsightly phillips-head fasteners:

For this application, ABS Cement (commonly available at Do-It Best, Home Depot, Lowes, etc) is just the ticket. We will simply "glue" the Extenda in place. I scored a small can ($3 from Do-It Best), labeled "A-6 Medium-bodied ABS cement, medium set, black for ABS pipe and fittings". This is some nasty stuff containing MEK (methyl-ethyl-ketone), so you do want to heed the warnings about using in a well ventilated area, and use latex gloves.... MEK is bad, baaaad stuff!

First order of business is to remove the front fender and clean all road splooge from the underside rearmost area where we will be gluing the Extenda in place:
Now the nasty part: remove the cap and "paint" the top portion of the Fenda Extenda (that will fit on the underside of the fender, obviously) with the ABS cement. Don't dawdle while doing this; as the instructions clearly state, the ABS cement sets up pretty fast, so paint the extenda with a good layer of cement and get ready to immediately slap that bad boy in place:
There really isn't anyway around the matter; you must use your hands to hold the fender in it's correct final orientation for a good 5-10 minutes (or longer) until the ABS cement sets up enough to where the Extenda remains solidly in place.

Obviously, use care to ensure none of the ABS cement "oozes" out and runs down the Extenda or fender.... toward this end, you don't want to "glop" the cement on when painting the upper portion of the Extenda, yet you need a decent layer of it to fill in all small voids.

Once the cement sets up fairly well and the Extenda is no longer in danger of "moving", allow it to set for a good 6-8 hours (or, even better, overnight) before trying to re-install the front fender.

Job complete! The Fenda Extenda is now affixed to the stock fender with a rock-solid bond, and it's not going anywhere even at FJR-Nominal speeds!

As seen below, the final effect shows a nice clean install with no fasteners to break up the smooth body lines. Sweet!


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