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GIVI Rack Aesthetics
System Category: Chassis
Activity Type: Accessory
FJR Model Year: 2003  2004  2004 ABS  All model years
Date Submitted:February, 2004

GIVI Rack Aesthetics

The GIVI is an extremely popular add-on in the FJR1300 community. The majority of FJR pilots seem to prefer the E460 model, which is fairly sizeable but still looks good on the back of the FJR. The common silver version is a decent match to the '03 Liquid Silver paint, and last year Givi was kind enough to make available an E460 with an exact match to the 2004 Cerulean Silver paint.

Yet there seems to be universal displeasure with the industrial-looking white-silver paint the Givi inexplicably uses for their mounting rack. Indeed, it my opinion, its appearance is pure dog-squeeze, and looks plainly out-of-place against the Cerulean Silver as this photo clearly shows:

I decided right away I didn't want this piece of fumuda cheese hanging off the ass-end of my bike! Painting it Cerulean Silver to match the bike would be pretty spendy to have it done professionally, and painting it myself would undoubtedly result in a poor match. As I have many other farkles/modifications on my FJR that are black in color, it seemed obvious that this rack should be black also.

Enter Bob McInnis from "Finishing First, Inc", located in Tigard, Oregon. Bob is a Master Craftsman in his ability to apply his magical finishes to any metal. I elected to give my rack to Bob so he could powder-coat my Givi rack in a nice high-gloss Diamond Black finish.

And just feast your eyes on the results!!

This rack now looks so damn gorgeous, I believe I'll leave the big gnarly wedgie-looking adapter plate off unless I'm actually using the E460 on a trip! Check out the mirror-like gloss on this bad boy!

I asked Bob how he goes about doing his magic here, and this was his response:

The way we like to strip motorcycle parts is with a chemical bath. Steel parts can be stripped thermally at lower cost but many motorcycle parts are alloys that can't take the heat. Chemically stripping is more expensive because of waste disposal issues. Sand, bead blasting is the most expensive because of the manual labor involved, especially with parts that are powdercoated.

Powdercoating will come off with blasting but it is extremely tough and it takes time to remove, thus driving up the cost. A Givi rack frame is made of steel and could probably be safely stripped thermally but to be really safe we would then switch to chemical. This particular frame has some tubular construction that is welded on the end. While the weld looks really good is entirely possible that some stripping liquid could penetrate the weld through a pin hole and leave a small amount of stripper in the tube. Then, when you cure the powder at 375 degrees, the expansion of the air in the tube would force the stripper out causing poor adhesion of powder at the welds or paint failure later. To be safe we will blast them.

That is how your frame was done and it seemed to work well.

Hell yes, Bob, it came out EXTREMELY well!

Now for the most AWESOME part of all this! You can have Bob do this same treatment to your GIVI rack for just $20!!! Incredible, but true! There is about a week to ten days turn-around time. If you don't want high-gloss Diamond Black, Bob has lots of standard colors to choose from. Who knows, maybe you future 2005 Galaxy Blue owners can convince Bob to try to match up that same blue!

Incidentally, Bob McInnis is the same gent who is going to powder-coat quite a few SuperBraces that were purchased under the SuperBrace Group buy that happened in early 2004.

I can not recommend Bob McInnis and "Finishing First" highly enough!!!

Total costs: $20.00, plus shipping. Can't beat it!!!

Finishing First, Inc
12970 SW Hall Blvd.
Tigard, OR 97223

Phone: 800-620-7001
Fax: 503-684-9733

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