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The Wally Kilburg "Smoothness" Custom Map
System Category: Fuel-Exhaust
Activity Type: Accessory
FJR Model Year: 2003  2004  2004 ABS  All model years
Author:Wally Kilburg
Date Submitted:April, 2004

The Wally Kilburg "Smoothness" Custom Map

For the Power Commander IIIusb
This article by FJR owner Wally Kilburg (who, among other things is a DynoJet-certified Tech) describes hint/techniques when installing his "Smoothness" custom map for the PC-IIIusb. Wally has been on a quest to create a custom map for the FJR1300 that is the ultimate balance between power, smoothness, and MPG. The end result is this Custom Map presented below, one that gave him outstanding smoothness yet also yields excellent MPG figures, the latter an important consideration as gas prices continue to soar upwards.

To realize the maximum benefit possible, ensure you have excellent Throttle Body Synchronization and your 1300 motor is in an excellent state of tune prior to installing this map. - Warchild

Before using this map or any other map in your PCIII usb unit, it's important to first set your throttle position using the PCIII usb software.
  • Open the DJ Control Center software for the PCIII usb (get the latest version off the web site, please).
  • Start the bike, ensuring it's in neutral. Let it idle and get to a warm, normal idle rpm value around 1000 - 1200 rpm or so. Make sure you have a connection between the computer and the PCIII unit. Under Power Commander Tools, select "Set Throttle Position". A window opens in the middle of the screen.
  • Select the "Reset" button in the Set Throttle Position window and then quickly flick the throttle from dead still to wide open. Real quick like, as in nanoseconds taking your hand away so the throttle snaps back after hitting 100% open. Practice it a few times, it's pretty easy. Once it's done correctly, select the OK button which closes the window. Your throttle should display 0% in the display. If not repeat the process until you get it right.
Now download the map to your PWRCMDR library under Yamaha (or where ever you want) just making sure you can retrieve it using the Control Center software:

Do a "Right-click - Save Target As" ==> Download the "Smoothness" Custom Map

Note: The current map in your PCIII will not have a name. It will be called "untitled.djm". This is normal, so you might want to save it as something to make sure you can re-install it! If it's the stock map that one is available, if not save it.

In the Control Center software, with the bike running and connection established, select open map using the tool bar or the big button on the left. Select the downloaded map from a list presented. This is the normal everyday method you have used before.

Next, send the map using the insert key or the big button on the left. That's it. Close the software; take the bike for a ride.


The M409-WK008 map uses the foundation of several available maps that were mathematically combined trying to get the best of all worlds in terms of power, mileage and smoothness. I then took that base map and loaded it in my PCIII usb unit, put the FJR on the dyno and spent lots of time mapping cell by cell to an air/fuel ratio range of 13.2 to 13.5 from 5% throttle at 1500 rpm to 80% throttle at 6000 rpm. I then tweaked the 100% throttle numbers from 3000 to 6000 rpm. I'm a fanatic about perfect throttle and low rpm manners so the tweaking reflects this.

I'm also wild about decent mileage and this map should provide that, or it should be no worse than what you have, BUT, all bikes are different. It could make your mileage worse or provide the incentive to use the throttle more and make your mileage worse. You be the judge. I did not tune this map for top end power. Don't expect any.

My bike with this map is dead assed smooth; the throttle is to die for... the bike lags nowhere and picks up power from any rpm at the snap of the wrist. I hope it's the same for you.

This map does have some changes to it which will allow for mass adjustment using the buttons on the unit or the software and your computer. This means that you can tweak it some to your bike but I will add this disclaimer; Do not add or take away a value of more than 3, meaning three clicks or 3 stabs at the Page Up/Down keys.

To make changes, you can use the buttons on the surface of the unit and change the low, mid or high rpm ranges. This affects a great many cells and I will refer you to the instructions that are online or should have accompanied your unit. In the software you can highlight the cells you want to change by clicking and holding and dragging to expand to the number of cells you want to affect. Then, use the Page Down and Page Up keys to make the changes, stab the Up key to lean it out (take fuel) and the Down key to make it richer, add fuel. Each stab equals a value of one. A value of one equals approximately one tenth on the A/F ratio scale so three stabs equals three tenths of difference, or pretty close anyway. Always hit the insert key to upload afterwards.

Food for thought... the area from 0 to 20% throttle encompassing 0 to 4000 rpm is the range that the EPA looks when testing and will be leanest from the factory, in most cases. This is also the area that most tuners spend the most amount of time in when mapping. This is the area that gives great throttle.

Any questions ping me off list for the best and quickest response. Please don't ping me to tell the map sucks. It very well might in your bike. No guarantees. I sincerely do hope it helps though. Ride safe.


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