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Signal Dynamics "BackOff" with 6" LED lightbar
System Category: Electrical
Activity Type: Modification
FJR Model Year: 2003  2004  2004 ABS  All model years
Date Submitted:May, 2004

Signal Dynamics "Back OFF" Modulator and 6" LED Installation

This article by FJR owner Steven Drake describes hint/techniques when installing the Signal Dynamics "Back-OFF" module in combination with a 6" LED lightbar.

I ran a Signal Dynamics "Back-OFF" module for many, many years on several of my bikes, and know from first-hand experience they WORK as advertised in getting the attention of BDC's behind you. Combined wih a LED lightbar, this farkle should go a long ways toward increasing one's safety envelope. - Warchild

Here is what the LED bar looks like once the job is complete. This is a standard Signal Dynamics 6" Universal Light Bar mounted on a black ABS rectangular plate mounted behind the license plate:



The set of parts includes a Signal Dynamics BackOFF-MC module, a Signal Dynamics ULB 6" universal light bar, a box of Radio Shack Tap-In Squeeze connectors, some heatshrink tubing, some extra long license plate mounting bolts and my ho-made black plastic mounting plate. You can sketch this out and cut/drill it to fit your state's license plate.


This schematic puts the LED bar in parallel with the factory tail light, just in case the BackOff modulator dies the factory light will still work normally. You can tap into either the right or left brake light wires. Be sure to get the brake light and not the running light. I probed my wires, before tapping in, using a common pin and a multimeter, then pressed the brake pedal to be sure the signal switched on with the brake. Check the wire colors in your service manual in case they change them from year to year.


The heatshrink is applied to the LED feed wires where they may rub on sharp plastic edges where they get threaded out to the rear of the bike.

Once it's wired in and tested, locate a convenient location to double-stick the modulator unit in place.


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