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GIVI Rack LED Bar w/ "Back-Off" Module
System Category: Electrical
Activity Type: Accessory
FJR Model Year: 2003  2004  2004 ABS  All model years
Date Submitted:June, 2004

GIVI Rack LED Bar w/ Signal Dynamics BackOff Module

Signal Dynamics makes some outstanding products that I've used for many years on other bikes. Inspired by another FJR owner's recent posting, I decided to combine the excellent "Back-Off" module together with a 6" LED Light Bar, and mount the latter high up on the rear-most portion of the Givi rack. Only the LED Bar and the Givi E460 Brake Light will be controlled by the Back-Off module; should the module fail for any reason , I will still have normal brake light activity.

Here is the finished product:



I started with some .020" aluminum and dremeled a backing plate for the LED Bar, and two pieces of steel that were drilled and bent to the proper angles:  


Brackets pieces were sprayed a nice unobtrusive semi-gloss black, and the hardware assembled:  


At either end, the 'L'-brackets affix the LED Bar in place using stainless-steel hardware. The other end is a solid attachment at the Givi's two rearmost fasteners:  


The Signal Dynamics "Back-Off" module is held in place by some extremely strong double-sided tape... ensure your placement is correct the first time! Wires are zip-tied out of the way of the rear seat supports, and loomed before traveling rear-ward towards their respective connections:  


This is the first time I am trying out a new type of connector, called a "Posi-Lock" connector, which are very trick and appear to form an incredibly good connection:  


Here is the color schematic diagram for this farkle. There are three wires emerging from the LED Bar:

  • red wire - connected to white/red-strip wire from Back-Off module
  • white wire - connected to running light (blue wire on bike's tailight harness)
  • black wire - connected to ground
There are only two wires associated with the Signal Dynamics "Back-Off" module:

  • input: red wire - bike's brake signal (connect to yellow wire on bike's tailight harness)
  • output: white/red-stripe wire - output "Back-Off" signal (connect to red wire on LED Bar)
  • Results: These are some serious-ass bright LED lights when they light off! While they appear to be somewhat directional in nature, nonetheless, if you are right behind the bike when these LEDs start thei "Back-Off" light show, it definitely gets the BDC's drifty attention...

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