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Links:  Here are some of the more popular and useful links to help you learn more about the Yamaha FJR1300 super-sport touring machine:

FJR1300 Web Forums/email lists:

  • FORUM: FJRforum.com is the American-based web forum that is extremely popular and active. This forum arose from the ashes of the previous FJR forum that got hacked into oblivion in May-June, 2005. This new FJRforum is a real web-based forum that has all the features that the previous one did not have, and is ran and operated by FJR enthusiasts!
  • FORUM: FJRowners.com is an international (English-speaking) web forum based in England but with members worldwide. Many of these guys have been riding the FJR1300 since it's inception, and thus have most history on the machine. They are an excellent source of information.
  • FORUM: Sport-Touring.Net An outstanding web forum that serves as an excellent source of sport-touring information. A healthy percentage of forum members are FJR1300 pilots, including the web forum owner! This is a very active web forum that is highly recommended.
  • EMAIL: The only known FJR1300 Email list (a traditional ascii-text listproc server) is hosted by HMarc Lewis and Micapeak.com. It is moderately active. Click here to subscribe to FJR1300 list.

FJR1300 web sites:

  • Visit our sister organization, FJR1300.info, widely acknowledged as the premier, most comprehensive FJR1300 web site on the planet! While FJRTech.com strictly focuses on the technical/maintenance side of the FJR, you will find everything under the sun at FJR1300.info! We are extremely grateful for letting us borrow content for FJRTech.com!
  • Yamaha FJR1300 USA Website select "Motorcycles" ==> "Super Sport Touring"
  • Yamaha Design Cafe One of the more informative Yamaha web sites you will find anywhere! Too bad Yamaha doesn't create a similar website specific to North American FJRs.

FJR1300-oriented businesses:

None of the following businesses asked to be promoted here; we just like they way they have treated the FJR community with their goods and services.

  • FJRGoodies.com is a web-based company devoted strictly to all things related to the FJR1300! This is also where you will find the "Top Gun" series of custom FJR fabrications, such as Heavy Bar Ends, Top Gun PIAA brackets, ECM Shelf, Auxillary Fuel Cell, etc. This is a licensed Yamaha dealership, so OEM parts are available at a discount.
  • BikeJohnny.com Bike Johnny is an online store that specializes in motorbike crash protection, including high performance crash posts and high specification carbon fiber & carbon kevlar engine armor. Located in England, these guys are FJR fanatics as well.
  • Micatechâ„¢   Micatechâ„¢ designs, manufactures and sells accessories for motorcycles, and are dealers for other fine vendors like: PIAA, LightForce, Hepco & Becker, Marsee, and others. The co-owner is a well-known FJR pilot!
  • Cee Baileys Windscreens Cee Bailey's was the first American company to offer an aftermarket windscreens and headlight guards for the FJR, and they are absolutely superb in optical qualities, contour, shape, fit, and resistance to aging.
  • Holeshot Performance Exhaust Slip-on systems in either powder-coated black aluminum, or high-grade polished 304 stainless and 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum. Gorgeous welds highlight these beautiful pipes. Sound is a deep melow tone. Not loud at all, just a "throatier" growl at idle and revs. Subtle, unobtrusive presence on long interstate travels. Increase hp while reducing weight!
  • DigitalMeter.com When no other elctronics outfit would offer the excellent Datel voltmeter at a reasonable price, Andy Lovelace, owner/GM of DigitalMeter.com, step up to the plate and now offers the outstanding Datel Volmeter model DMS-20PC-1-DCM at amazingly low price of $39. This exceptional component is 100% weatherproof, self-powered, positive-reading dc voltage monitor that is deadly accurate within 1/10 of a volt. Given the FJR's modest 490-watt alternator, the Datel voltmeter should be considered mandatory equipment

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