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Title Abstract
Air Filter Change  How to change/clean the air filter.
Removing the Front Wheel  Removing the Front Wheel
Brake Pad Change  Willy Gonnason: how to change the brake pads on the standard 2003 FJR1300.
Yamaha FJR1300 Dash Panels  Removing/re-installing cockpit dash panels. Yamaha "quick fasteners" explained.
Working under the fuel tank  How to securely propped up the fuel tank to prevent injury
Lubing the pivot points  how to lube various FJR pivot points (e.g. rear brake, shift lever, suspension, steering head, etc.)
FJR1300 Rear Wheel Removal  How to remove the FJR1300's rear wheel for maintenance.
Changing the FJR1300 spark plugs  How to remove and replace FJR1300 spark plugs.
FJR1300 Throttle Body Synchronization  This is a simple procedure that can make a huge improvement...
Locating the Idle Adjustment Knob  Know where the FJR1300's Idle Adjustment Knob is located?
ABS Front Wheel - Removal/Reinstallation  R/R wheels on ABS models different from standard FJRs
Changing FJR1300 Clutch Fluid  System component layout makes this easy on the FJR1300!
No- Hassle FJR1300 Oil Change  Tricks/tips to make this easy job even easier!
ABS Rear Wheel - Removing/Reinstalling  Proper ABS Rear Wheel Sensor Ring orientation
Lubing the Driving, Driven and Driveshaft Splines!  It is CRITICAL to properly lube drive splines during rear tire changes!
The FJR "BlowJob" - Coolant Flush/Refill  Special technique for a thorough coolant flush/refill
Flush/Refill Fork Oil  How to flush/refill your FJR's fork oil (suspension fluid)

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